" I really enjoyed working with Kimberly on several occasions. She took the time to work on the script and give great advice during each session, that brought out the best performance for the audition. There is a very relaxed and professional atmosphere at her studio and I never feel rushed when working which helps immensely. Very highly recommended." - Rami Nasr (The Night Manager, Unlocked)
"Working with KSM Self-Tapes is an especially down-to-earth experience every actor deserves. The more often I do, the more I love self-taping in general! Kim works at a pace that feels just like being on set but with the added benefit of being able to take your time. She works hard to match your energy to bring out the best in you, allowing emotion to bubble up spontaneously so the story is told organically. Her keen eye is one of a kind and we always wind up with a variety of takes to choose from. Booking The Shadows from a KSM tape was an incredible feeling!"        - Alison Louder (Being Human)
"Booked a lead in a feature using KSM !" - Johnathan Sousa (Relative Happiness, The Animal Project)
"Kim takes great care in making an actor feel comfortable with their appearance and choices. She doesn't just hit record, she helps you explore your scenes, and plays them back for you, ensuring you're happy with the result. Tapes I've submitted through Kim have been very well received, helped me book my last role, and put me on the shortlist for the next one (fingers crossed). Highly recommended for newcomers and seasoned professionals alike." - Jason Deline (X-Men: Days of Future Past, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norell)
"Affordable and professionally done, I'm always beyond happy with the final product. Kim takes all the time you need and offers her own thoughtful advice. Wouldn't go anywhere else!!" - Gian-Paolo Venuta (The Firm, Being Human)
"I totally booked a supporting role on an American movie shot in Halifax last year, right off a self-tape I did with Kim. She is AMAZING." - Catherine Bérubé (19-2, Jeunes Loups)
"I've done some of my best self-tapes with Kim. I love working with her because she doesn't make me feel rushed, she always has really helpful insights and her lighting is incredible!" - Amber Goldfarb (CFC, Being Human, Lost Girl)
"I have been doing self-tapes with Kimberly-Sue Murray for over a year now. The lighting, the image quality, and the sound are all A-1. But most importantly, the self-tapes I do with Kim are always so wonderful because she always makes me feel comfortable. I never feel rushed. Kim creates a safe environment which allows you, the actor, to really focus on your craft. The gentle directions she gives have helped me to go deeper and find interesting moments that make my performance stand out. I would recommend taping with Kim whenever you can. And self-tapes aren't the only time! If you have a big audition coming up (or little, every part counts!) then spend an hour with her working on your piece in front of the camera. I guarantee you you'll be way more prepared for your audition and because of that preparation you will be able to just let your creative juices flow! " - Helena Marie (Bullet In The Face, Exploding Sun)
"Did my first selftape with KSM and ohhhhhh myyyyyy is the quality impeccable! I am so happy! Kimberly is wonderful, patient, and so insightful! I'll be back for sure." - Leah Doz (Issues, Margarita)
"I loved working with the awesome KSM, she is so positive and encouraging. She provides a fun and safe environment to create and play in. A great coach and super savvy with the camera and editing, I was super impressed with the quality and so happy with what she brought out in me! She rocks!" - JoAnn Mailloux 

"Kim is amazing! Not only did she shoot an awesome tape; but by the end of our session, I felt as if I had taken a film acting class. The improvement between the first and final take was clear." - Jeremy Michael Segal